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21 July 2009 @ 09:57 am

(I realise this is late but it's only 2 days so hoping it's ok :))

Title: Changed
Author: Eve_from_oz
Disclaimer: Still not mine :)
Rating: G (safe for all ages)
Verse: musical
Prompt Name: Tea
Summary: a missing scene at Shiz, before Dancing Through Life.


Galinda Upland loathed drinking tea. The smell, the taste, the ridiculous rituals associated with ‘morning tea’, ‘afternoon tea’, ‘taking tea’. It all boiled down (pun unintentional) to wasting hours of her life choking down a mixture of warm water and dried up bits of leaves.  So one day she just told her friends she had ‘a slight headache’ and went back to what she thought of as her room, despite the fact she was forced to share it. She’d never admit it to her friends but sharing a room with Elphaba Thropp wasn’t as bad as she implied, for a start the other girl spent most of her time looking after her sister or in the library. Not sure what people who were pretending to be sick to avoid drinking tea were expected to do Galinda sat down on the window seat, certain no one would be able to see her from the ground, and stared out.

“Shouldn’t you be taking part in some antiquated ritual of tea drinking?” remarked her roommate acidly as the older girl came into the suite.

“I despise tea!” declared Galinda, shocking herself by the fact she was saying it out loud and to Elphaba Thropp of all people.

“I never assumed that you liked it, Miss Upland,” replied Elphaba unapologetically. “Though I hardly think avoiding the problem is the proper solution.”

“If I want your opinion, Miss Thropp, I will ask for it! Meanwhile I hope you will do me the small favour of not speaking to me until then.”

Shrugging Elphaba picked up the book she planned to spend the afternoon reading and, as requested, did not speak to Galinda for the rest of the day.

Galinda was unaccountably annoyed by this, it left her with far too much time to think about things and she loathed being made to think almost as much as she loathed drinking tea. No matter how many times she thought about it she couldn’t help the nagging feeling that Elphaba was right.

The next day she was ‘fully recovered’ from her headache and went to afternoon tea with the rest of the girls in her group of friends.

She ordered hot chocolate, starting a whole new trend among the Shiz crowd, and never drank tea again.

A few weeks later Fiyero Tiggular arrived at Shiz University and it wasn’t until years after that memorable event, after saying goodbye to the one true friend she’d ever had, that Glinda the Good realised how knowing Elphaba had begun to change her long before they became friends.


elektra121elektra121 on September 18th, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! Very believable. :)
Also, I understand Glinda. Why on earth would someone drink tea, when there's the divine drink of coffee?!
Thank you very much for this tasty little drabble.
Eveeve_from_oz on September 19th, 2011 07:27 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for your review :) I'm glad you enjoyed.